Bananas area unit AN unbelievably widespread food just about anyplace you go. big in 107 countries, they represent the fourth Most worthy crop the planet over. they’re delicious ripe, cooked, dried, even slightly under-ripe. they’re nice plain however nicely complement frozen dessert, cereal, and yogurt. Bananas also are one amongst the healthiest snacks you’ll be able to have, with enough sweetness to form you forget what quantity nutrition you’re obtaining.

But what would happen if you Greek deity 2 bananas each day? we are going to take a glance at the health outcomes of that habit, the nice and therefore the not-so-good. (Spoiler alert: it’s principally excellent news.) Bananas area unit packed with healthy metal, fiber, vitamin C, and B6, however they’re not suggested for individuals with bound conditions. And since we all know you’re curious, we’ll conjointly allow you to acumen several bananas you’d ought to eat to dose.