Cancer is a critical problem. Cancer Symptoms are needed to be diagnosed at early stages. It is because it is easier to treat cancer when it has not spread. In most of the cases, at its earliest stages, cancer may cause general symptoms which people do not consider. So, here we have the most common cancer symptoms which you should never ignore. Cancer symptoms which you should never ignore Have a look at the following cancer symptoms which can be a danger call for you:

14. Continuous fatigue

Fatigue may get better after taking proper rest. But experiencing extreme fatigue you are suffering from consistently and is not getting better with time can be a wake-up call for you. Commonly fatigue can be a warning of stomach, leukemia, or colon cancer.

13.Weight loss without any dieting

This is one of the obvious cancer symptoms which every cancer patient experience. If your weight is decreasing without any reason then this is a red sign for you.